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Kindness with K​athleen

          About Us

Our Deepest Need as Humans is to Feel Appreciated!

Kindness with Kathleen

When I found Send Out Cards in July of 2018 I had no idea I would find something that would transform me in such a profound way. I was looking for a user friendly tool that I could use with my business to make my clients and customers feel more taken care of. I had no idea something as simple as a card or two in the mail would increase my bottom line in such a significant manner. My slowest months of the year normally doubled and tripled from the year before. Personally I was easily able to reach out to folks who I have developed much deeper friendships with. 

This reaching out in kindness to others has given me such a sense of fulfillment and purpose. I knew I had to share it with others. To allow it to nurture and improve their lives as it has mine. We really can change the world for the better. One kind action at a time. 

How did the Journey Start

A lot of folks have asked me how is it that I finally after so many years and different tries started on this journey to health with a real commitment and focus. It actually started at the end of July 2018 when looking for a solution for my business to better connect with my clients, customers and prospective clients. The photo above was taken in 2018. The service I found would allow me to send personalized cards with pictures & gifts using my computer or an app on my phone. Saving me both time and money that allowed me to build better relationships. I could also use it personally.

It worked beautifully with the business and impacted the bottom line in a very strong way. But what was much more heart satisfying to me was how the cards I sent made people feel. My reaching out to them in kindness made them feel special and many in return reached out to me to thank me for my kindness which made me feel appreciated. That need to feel appreciated is so vital to all of us as human beings.

Because it made such a difference in my business and personally I wanted to share it with others personally and with other business owners. Small business owners always need to innovate, relationship build and create multiple income streams. This relationship building tool is provided by a company called Send Out Cards. 

I choose to become an affiliate with them because of the impact they had on my business and my life. And knew I had found a new purpose in sharing this tool with as many as possible. So I joined some networking groups and looked for additional opportunities to share it with other business owners.

So that along with the relationship building and networking business books I have been reading put me in the head space to start looking for a nutrition and physical training solution. And improving my life physically as well as emotionally. 

See the link below if you would like to send out a card to reach out in kindness to someone in your life for free. Literally the first card is on me! Tell someone you know how awesome you think they are!

Send Your First Kindness Card on Me!

Use the link below to send a card to anyone in the world. You can personalize it with your own photos. And send the first one for free on me!

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