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Kindness with K​athleen

You are invited to follow my weight loss journey, my healthy transformation, my learning to be kind to myself journey. My purpose in sharing is that others may see my journey and perhaps recognize something that sparks a desire to take action for themselves. Or perhaps sparks a desire to gently help someone they love make a similar change.  Remember to Exercise Kindness every day!

If you would like me to send a word of encouragement to someone or share my journey email me with their name and address and I will mail them a card. 

Triumph Strength and Conditioning

Triumph is the gym or box if you will that I joined starting my health focused journey and my first foray into CrossFit. Never did I think CrossFit was for someone like me who was 180lbs overweight. But I found a community full of kindness, empathy and knowledge. If you are in Northern Kentucky go see Jarrett & Mark.

My schedule is going in 3 days a week for an hour long session with Jarrett. Each session builds on the previous ones. And week to week they increase in length and intensity. The results in the first four weeks were astounding to me. I would never have thought that I could have that much physical improvement in just 4 weeks. The lost pounds are great but the improved functionality is life changing!


It never occured to me that CrossFit had any application to my life. I have never been an athlete. And my perception of CrossFit was one of uber athletes flipping tires and doing extreme athletic feats. Litte did I know that it was exactly what I was seeking. As strong community or tribe of people encouraging each other where they are at to achieve their personal best. And modifications are made for where you are at.

There are CrossFit boxes located worldwide. You can visit their headquarters to find one near you. 

My Fitness Pal

So we are not just working on the physical. My coach Jarrett has me watching my calories and what I am eating. I am currently on a limit of 1750 calories a day. Thus far I am regularly coming in under that number daily. I don't disallow myself anything. If I want a piece of chocolate cake or a burger I can have it. I just record the calories and that limits what else I choose to have that day. I use the app My Fitness Pal that you can download from your phone.

It lets you record your weight and has a food diary. It lets you look at the calories, nutrition and macros. 

I am watching my macros but not quite hitting them. I am still learning. 

My Progress Summary

I started on my Journey on April 25, 2019. 

As of June 22, 2019 I have lost 28.5 lbs. I can walk longer, stand longer, get up out of a chair far easier than I could a month ago. I was able to attend a day long workshop at a hotel and walked from the car to hotel, to room event was held without stopping to rest or have to look for a chair to take a break! I can bend over to pick something up without holding on to something. 

I touched my toes for the first time this past week. (Once and I bounced right back up but I did do it)

I have been doing modified pull ups, push ups, squats, sit ups. All sorts of weight lifting. 

A Few Words Kathleen

I love how happy I look in these pictures. I think it is because I am finally taking time to take care of myself. We all have things that pull at us, family, work and community responsibilities. We forget that it is like they tell us on the airplane before we take off, place the oxygen mask on yourself first, then help others around you. You can't fully help others to to exent you want unitl you fully take care of and help yourself. I am a little late in life taking that one in, but I think I finally got it! 

One of the things I do that I am working on changing is judging myself. Be so darn angry at myself for making mistakes. But I can either dwell on that and feel bad which makes it harder to move forward and fix everything. Or I can focus on my many successes and energize myself to fix the errors and build on the successes. We all have things we are proud of and things we are not. Take the opportunity today to take steps to move forward, do the best you can today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow can be dealt with tomorrow. 

Me at 354lbs                                  Week 3 at 334                                           Week 6 at 229                          My coach Jarrett and myself

How did I finally decide to start being kind to myself?

A lot of folks have asked me how is it that I finally after so many years and different tries started on this journey to health with a real commitment and focus. It actually started at the end of July 2018 when looking for a solution for my business to better connect with my clients, customers and prospective clients. The service I found would allow me to send personalized cards with pictures & gifts using my computer or an app on my phone. Saving me both time and money that allowed me to build better relationships. I could also use it personally. 

It worked beautifully with the business and impacted the bottom line in a very strong way. But what was much more heart satisfying to me was how the cards I sent made people feel. My reaching out to them in kindness made them feel special and many in return reached out to me to thank me for my kindness which made me feel appreciated. That need to feel appreciated is so vital to all of us as human beings. 

Because it made such a difference in my business and personally I wanted to share it with others personally and with other business owners. Small business owners always need to innovate, relationship build and create multiple income streams. This relationship building tool is provided by a company called Send Out Cards. 

I choose to become an affiliate with them because of the impact they had on my business and my life. And knew I had found a new purpose in sharing this tool with as many as possible. So I joined some networking groups and looked for additional opportunities to share it with other business owners. Well at these networking events you need to be able to move around to network and get to know everyone. I was able to do that to some extent, but when you are heavy and limping along the first impression I was making was oh that poor woman look how she is struggling. Instead of oh what a lovely and savvy business woman I would really like to get to know her and know more about what she does. A hard truth to swallow. 

So that along with the relationship building and networking business books I have been reading put me in the head space to start looking for a nutrition and physical training solution. The first one I reached out to encouraged me to reach out to someone else to get the nutrition under control first and then after I had lost some weight they would start working with me physically. That really upset me and I reached out to my friend Jenell who encouraged me to write down exactly what I wanted in a coach to help manifest it. Which is not the first time I had heard that advice. My mentor and friend Jordan Adler also talks about doing this as well. 

So, low and behold I finally listened to that advice. And wrote down what I wanted. And a week later a Facebook ad popped up on my news feed saying it was looking for 10 women in Northern Kentucky looking to do a 90 day challenge. It was a CrossFit gym and thank goodness the ad said they accept any body type or I would not have reached out. You can read more about my journey on my about page. 

See the link below if you would like to send out a card to reach out in kindness to someone in your life for free. Literally the first card is on me! Tell someone you know how awesome you think they are!

Reach out to someone in your life and send one Kindness card for free on me! That's how much I love what these cards sent in kindness can do. You can send one anywhere in the world!